Welcome to VegfruVyapari

We started this site as a simple site where people working from home have a decent income. We arrange neighbour hood sales of vegetables and fruits, used cars, human resource consulting. We also arrange neighbourhood wedding planning, and supply cooks for the parties. We are the part of the group, Shiva Rathi Group of Companies, and encourage entrepreneurship through small groups.

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We are part of Shiva Rathi Group of Companies -and Vegfruvyapari is concept of cluster service. Now suppose you want vegetables and fruits at home, but you do not want to go to market, then what you do is to send servant or known person, who goes to market and brings vegetables and fruits for you. Vegfruvyapari works on the same concept, that is coordinator in your area who have 2-3 servants working under him. Those servants take the order from your locality and furnish your requirement at 10% extra charge of market price.

Out of this 10% extra charge, 2% will be paid to Shiva Rathi Group of Companies, and rest 8% is divided between coordinators and servants. Now the best thing is that you do not have to hire any extra servant. The domestic worker in your house who does cleaning, mopping etc becomes service agent of VegfruVyapari


To become coordinator of VegfruVyapari in Vegetables and Fruit segments, you have to be: 1. Graduate 2. Have family income of more than Rupees 72000 per annum. 3.Have Car or Motorcycle, or atleast cycle at home. 4. You should have team of four people at least 2 coordinators, and 2 servants 5. Your Servants should have their own vehicles to bring fruits and vegetables from Market.